About the company

Quality Hardwoods is a small business of highly–skilled craftsmen located in State College, PA. We serve clients throughout the Central PA region in the installation, sanding, and finishing of hardwood flooring. If you have a question, need additional information, or are unsure whether we can provide our services in your area, please don't hesitate to contact us at (814) 466-3412 or tell us how we can contact you.

As a small business, we want you to see who we are. Here are pictures of us and a few lines describing a little about our background and what we bring to Quality Hardwoods.

John Essy, Owner/Team Leader
John is a certified aircraft mechanic who has worked with his hands his entire working career.  Aviation maintenance training and working in the aviation industry for nearly 15 years has heightened John’s attention to detail.   That need to pay attention to detail has served him well in the hardwood flooring industry.  John learned the hardwood flooring trade while working as an apprentice with a company in Minnesota.  He moved to Colorado to further his education and simultaneously opened his first hardwood flooring company.  John has 13 years of experience in operating and managing a hardwood flooring company.

Jamie Kidd, Job Forman
Jamie is a graduate of Bethel College with a bachelor’s degree in art.  His talent to design and his artistic eye have been a valuable asset to Quality Hardwoods and to the customer.  He has worked for Quality Hardwoods since November 2003.  His ability to work with his hands and his experience with finishes make him a vital part of the Quality Hardwoods team.   He also is a trained minister and is trustworthy in all that he sets his hand to.

Jim Bucci, Job Forman
Jim is a graduate of Penn State University. He has worked for Quality Hardwoods since January of 2002.  Jim is an excellent craftsman who takes great pride in his work. He too has a very keen eye for detail and is not satisfied unless his work has met the highest of standards.  He is also one of the most honest men you will meet, he is a licensed and credentialed minister and it is reflected in his work ethic and attitude.